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bumpy road

Improve Handling, Tire Wear With New Shock Absorbers

Sometimes drivers can sense their vehicle is not behaving properly. They can feel every bump. Turning seems to make the vehicle float or act “mushy.”

Take a minute to see why it may be time to inspect your vehicle shock absorbers.

Car driving over pothole

Winter Roads Lead To Spring Alignment Problems

That pothole or curb your vehicle encountered this past winter could be causing some quiet but expensive problems in spring.

Does your vehicle tend to veer toward one side? Are you seeing any unusual wear on the edge of your tires?

Don’t Let Those Little Leaks Turn Into Big Problems

Are you seeing any spots underneath your vehicle as you drive off in the morning? Those little drips and leaks that may have gone unnoticed in winter can “suddenly” appear in spring.

See the signs of trouble.

Don't Let Summer Put Brakes On Your Travel Plans

The trunk’s loaded and tank's full of gas. Yet, there's more to getting ready than loading up the family for the Great American Adventure.

Did you leave time for a brake system inspection?

Take Time for Winter Brake Safety Check

Remember your last sudden stop while driving?  How quickly your vehicle stops depends on numerous factors including speed, weight of the car, condition of the brakes and road condition. Are your brakes up to the winter road challenge?

Give Your Ride A Brake After Summer

Brakes operate in high temperatures under normal conditions, and months of summer heat only tax the system further.

Experts urge drivers to conduct a post-summer brake inspection to see how well your stopping system is holding up after months of intense weather.

Avoid Costly Repairs With Wheel Alignment

You clipped the curb while trying to parallel park and now the car drifts right. Left unaddressed, you could face an expensive repair or tire replacement. Now what?